Student dies in cult initiation

By on November 23, 2016

A student in Port Moresby has reportedly died in an incident believed to be cult related, Post Courier (November 23) reports.

It has been reported that a grade nine student from De La Salle Secondary School at Bomana in the outskirts of Port Moresby died last week as the result of a cult initiation gone horribly wrong. The boy’s body was allegedly dumped near the public cemetery at Nine Mile.

According to school board chairman Siki Rumints and Principal James Ume, some students who were present at the initiation ceremony were questioned. They said the deceased was among a group of about fifty students who had gathered to be initiated into a sect known as ‘Animal Brain Association’ or ABA.

The initiation ceremony included initiates drinking and absorbing punches to the chest from alcohol infused sect members. Unfortunately the boy, Mr Rumints said, did not pass the punch test.

Rumints said the school was treating the death as murder and has referred it to police. However, they would also be pursuing their own line of investigation.

The school board chairman also urged parents to be wary of their children’s activities after school, and warned those involved in cult activities that they would be expelled from the school.  Rumints said:

De La Salle has expelled a great number of students in the past over behavioral issues and will do so this time to send a message to students that the school cannot and will not tolerate such behavior anymore.

Earlier this year, police nabbed a total of 40 members of the same association (ABA) drinking behind the airport back road. They consisted mainly of youths between 18 and 21 from various schools within the city. Also among them was a second year student at the University of Technology.


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I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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