Hearing impaired student graduates at Notre Dame

By on December 1, 2016
Bishop Douglas Young

Bishop Douglas Young – “…pull yourself together and pursue your dreams.”

A teenage, hearing impaired, student has graduated among a total 198 grade 10 students at the Notre Dame Secondary School in Western Highlands last Thursday, Post Courier (November 30) reports.

17 year old Daphne Weng, despite being born deaf, proved that physical disability is not a barrier to education and graduated among her peers.

Ms Weng dreams of studying computer and information and communications technology, however, she had raised concern that many of her teachers, friends and family do not know sign language and feels that it is a barrier in terms of communication.

Weng’s father Spaka said she was his bundle of joy and always made him happy. He said she is the last of seven children. He added that he had to raise her as a single parent after her mother left soon after she was born.

Mr Weng also praised Callan Services Special Education Centre saying Daphne would not have graduated without their help. According to him, she is also respected in her village community and people always try their best to communicate with her in sign language.

Meanwhile, Bishop Douglas Young on behalf of the Divine Word University (DWU), in his message to graduands urged them to be agents of change. He said despite of whatever hardships they may face, they must always pull themselves together and pursue their dreams.  He said:

“Cry if you feel like crying when you face hardships along the way, but as soon as possible you must pick up, pull yourself together and pursue your dreams.”


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I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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