Herbal Tok-Pisin booklet to be sold in schools

By on January 11, 2017

The first Tok-Pisin published booklet authored by Ngunga Juice producer and director Intena Nuna and his daughter Margit target schools in the country.

Director Nuna said the herbal books are best for schools because teachers can use it to teach students during health lessons of what plants are useful in our environment.

“I held talks with the Department of Education and they have agreed to get some of my herbal books and distribute to primary schools for learning purposes.”

“The English version of the book which is 250 pages is expected to be out anytime from this month and it’s up to the NDoE whether to keep to talks and have them distributed to schools or not, but my sincere request is for them to have these books in schools as one of the learning resources to equip students with local herbal knowledge known and practiced in Papua New Guinea,” said Mr Nuna.

He proposed the lower grades of three to five can have the introduction to herbal plants knowledge taught to them but once they continue to upper grades of six to eight, they can have more research to identify plants and with help from medical expertise, testing can be possible.

“My books are selling fast and this gives hope that information contained in the booklet is imperative and those who have bought my books illustrated healing experience and shared testaments of its curing effectiveness to others.”

“Let’s share the knowledge among ourselves because most of the plants are popular in all provinces such as crotons and hibiscus is grown everywhere and are herbal plants but due to modernization and introduction of drugs, these essential therapies are dying out,” he explained.

Thus, Mr Nuna appealed for collaborative partnership with interested parties to support his well-compiled herbal information and other additional knowledge from herbal doctors in rural areas to develop into moneymaking business.

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Joan is a journalist with Papua New Guinea's oldest newspaper, Post Courier.

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