Morobe education board warns students

By on January 12, 2017

The Morobe provincial education board has sent a strong warning to students who get involved in fights and other illegal activities, The National (11 January) reports.

Alfred Tobem, a senior education official, said the board will expel students who are involved in any such activity. He warned students transiting into high school to be disciplined and not get involved in cult activities.

“Education division will be smarter than students who think they are smart. Practice good values in secondary school. Behave and do not get involved in school fights. Fighting, bullying and cults will not do any good.”

Alfred Tobem

He said student discipline will be a priority in 2017 and administrations would be instructed to remove undisciplined pupils. Tobem also urged the students to think about their parents’ reputation and sacrifice when going to school.

Mr Tobem also added that parents and communities also played a role in children’s characters and behavior, and that discipline starts at the home.

Meanwhile, newly appointed school inspector Steven Merpe has warned teachers in the Tewa-Siassi district to uphold the Teaching Service Commission Act and regulations. He cautioned the teachers not to breach the act and improve the standard of education in the area. (The National, 11 January)

Merpe said there frequent allegations of absenteeism and teachers being involved in illicit activities were a grave concern. He added that discipline is an ongoing issue with schools in the district and that older re-enrolled students were influencing their younger peers.

The school inspector said it would be a challenging task to overhaul the education system in the district but he would do his best to overcome these challenges. He said inspections would be carried out in the district to determine promotion and to weed out corrupt teachers and illegal practices that tainted and degraded the education system.


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I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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