Lae school not receiving government funding

By on April 6, 2017

A school in Lae has not received any teaching and learning materials as part of the government’s Tuition Fee Free Policy.

The Head Teacher of Omili Primary School, Doreen Boas says the school is surviving through the project fees paid by the parents.

The school is one of the biggest schools in Lae with a population of more than 2,400 students.

With the delay in the teaching and learning materials, the teachers are utilizing available resources to educate the students.

The schools were given just a copy of a English material book from the Education Division in Lae and had managed to photocopy 1,200 copies for the students to use from the project fees charged.

The school needs adequate curriculum material in order to deliver quality education to the students.

The Head Teacher is calling on both the Provincial and National Government to make payments of TFF on time in order to cater for the students’ needs.

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